The leading plasma care for tough-to-treat ACNE.

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PlaSkin Plus

Clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles naturally.

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Premier plasma therapy for face and body. High-energy plasma improves overall skin health, regeneration, and treats chronic skin conditions.

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28 days from flawless

Kills ACNE-causing bacteria

Plasma technology has been used in hospitals to treat chronic skin bacterial conditions, and the same sterilizing effect is found in all PlaSkin products without causing any irritation to your skin. PlaSkin devices help to reduce ACNE and soothe irritated and itchy areas.

Revitalization of dull skin

Dull skin can be caused by many things, including cell dehydration and slower skin cell growth. PlaSkin care brightens up skin and reduces blackheads by encouraging faster fibrin and elastin regeneration, and allows cells to retain significantly more moisture.

clinical trials* proved a 60% higher skin moisture retention after 2 weeks and reduced roughness by up to 11% after 4 weeks.

Reduction of fine lines & Wrinkles

PlaSkin care over time help to repair and rebuild the epidermis of your skin.

clinical trials* have proven to reverse aging effects of fine lines and wrinkles by up to 26% after 4 weeks.

Strengthens Skin

Plasma skin care boost cell turnover and regeneration, to strengthen skin and improve elasticity and resiliency. Because Plasma Ions penetrate deeper into the skin than creams of moisturizers can, skin regeneration literally begins from the inside out.

Clinical trials* showed skin density improvements by up to 14% and inner skin elasticity improvements by up to 10% after 4 weeks.

PlaSkin Korean Awards 1

2018 1st Place Winner of the Korean Satisfaction Consumer Index (KSCI) in the Beauty Category

PlaSkin Korean Awards 2

2018 1st Place Winner of the Korean Satisfaction Consumer Index (KSCI) in the Gift Category

PlaSkin Korean Awards 3

Winner of the 2018 Korea Superior Brand Awards (KSBA)

PlaSkin Korean Awards 4

Winner of the 2017 Korea Number One Awards

PlaSkin Korean Awards 5

2017 1st Place Winner of the the Korea Herald, Korean Consumer Satisfaction/ Brand Business Award

PlaSkin Korean Awards 6

2017 1st Place Winner of the Korea Satisfaction Brand Index (KSBI)

PlaSkin Korean Awards 7

2017 1st Place Winner of the Korean Satisfaction Consumer Index (KSCI) in the Beauty Category

PlaSkin Korean Awards 8

2016 1st Place Winner of the Korea Consumer Surprise Index (KCSI)

* Plabene and Plaskin are the same product, but depending on where they are sold, they have different names. Devices sold in Korea go by Plabene whilst Plaskin is for devices sold in the USA.

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* After 5 weeks use

Plasma Devices

PlaSkin devices produce plasma ions, which penetrate deeper in your skin than traditional creams or treatments without damage or scarring to regenerate and restructure collagen and elastin fibers.
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