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PlaSkin Plus

PlaSkin Plus is a powerful anti-aging tool. This device targets skin cells deepest from the surface to naturally reduce fine lines and wrinkles and help your skin retain more moisture.

Suited for Face

- Reduction of Fine Lines & Wrinkles
- Increases Natural Moisture Retention
- Relief of dry or itchy skin
- Evens out Skin Texture


Plasma Technology

Brings out the best in your skin. PlaSkin cares skin conditions at the source - deep down in your skin and at the cellular level, making it the most effective at-home skin treatment system on the market.

Plasma Surface

Emits ionized gas to deliver energy to the skin

Plasma technology has been used for decades in the medical field for its disinfectant properties as well as in household appliances such as air fresheners, but has been in the spotlight recently as a revolutionary medical skin treatment for chronic skin conditions and healing aid.

PlaSkin’s cutting edge research team of doctors and scientists made it the first device to successfully incorporate plasma technology into a home skincare routine.

PlaSkin in use

28 Days to Flawless

10 minutes, twice a day. No mess, no bulk, nothing to throw away.

Week 1

Removes skin impurities

Week 2

Improves your skin’s regenerative ability

Week 3

Restores and stimulates skin elasticity

Week 4

Boosts collagen production to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Deeper Penetration

Plasma ions penetrate skin up to 4mm deep to bring oxygen and moisture where no cream can.

Proven Results

Medical research has proven that plasma ions can kill up to 99% of all bacteria on the skin..

Expert Advice

PlaSkin works best right after you shower on clean, and dry skin.



Works on neck wrinkles

by dollin on 3/31/2017

I used Plaskin on my neck wrinkles in the morning and evening for 5 minutes each time. I am very satisfied that they are getting thinne


before photo Works on neck wrinkles


after photo Works on neck wrinkles


Promotes skin elasticity

by eunmi8879 on 3/21/2017

After losing the weight from two pregnancies, my skin felt like a popped balloon, especially nasolabial folds around my mouth. I have been using Plaskin for a couple of weeks now and I can feel that it actually promotes my skin elasticity. I am glad that I found Plaskin.


Effective for anti-aging

by minsoojin on 3/9/2017

I was always so stressed out by the nasolabial lines but after a month of using PLASKIN, I see the lines have been thinned.


after photo Effective for anti-aging


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